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FocalPoint is simply beautiful. We have long looked for a suitable touchscreen display to integrate with Puppeteer and could never find one that we liked. So we designed our own.

We included the features we thought were missing. So that you can benefit. FocalPoint is a customisable, durable and contemporary LCD monitor. It has been designed to enhance displays in museums, attractions and visitor centres where visual appearance is of particular importance.

FocalPoint is a LCD panel, in a range of screen sizes. It can have a touchscreen if you wish. Or it can be used as a display-only device. Or you can have it as a kiosk, with a computer built-in.

Our emphasis on FocalPoint is on customisation. FocalPoint is available in a wide range of finishes enabling it to fit perfectly with the overall theme and content of its surroundings. Exhibit designers simply specify their requirements and the LCD is made in the chosen material, to the precise size and with wall, ceiling or floor mounting. The units are extremely durable, scratch resistant and offer a high level of security.

We chose Corian as a standard material to make FocalPoint. The whole case is constructed from Corian. There are 105 different choices of Corian, in a finish and colour of your choice. Corian feels good and looks good. We can use many other materials, please discuss with us if you have a material in mind.

The front panel is toughened glass. The LCD panel is mounted behind the glass. The touchscreen is also mounted behind the glass, which greatly increases the lifetime of the unit. Most touchscreens are mounted on the front of the unit; when the screen is touched, it is the touchscreen itself that is touched. This means that it is subjected to wear, to the oils on the skin and to atmospheric pollution. Our touchscreen works through glass, so you don't actually touch the touchscreen - you touch toughened glass. This is easily kept clean and always looks beautiful.

Clarity of Vision
The standard unit is a 15" diagonal, with a crystal clear display. The resolution is 1024 by 768 pixels. The unit can accept input from standard computer graphic cards, from TV signals, from RGB signals and from S-Video. Or all of those. Simply specify what you want.

We also offer larger display sizes, 17" or 20" or smaller sizes, such as 8.4" or 12". Larger or smaller, discuss your requirements with us.

We use standard shopfitting units to mount the display. You can use tensioned cables to suspend the unit or bolts to bolt it directly to a wall. We have a strong desk top mount to support a unit from one edge.

FocalPoint is designed to allow easy customisation. It can support themed mouldings and high quality print graphics in order to tie the unit into the concept of the exhibition. The case itself can be made from a huge range of materials. We can incorporate the case into a larger piece of material.

We can print onto the toughened glass and can print any image, such as a logo. We can print instructions, graphics or icons - indeed anything, on to the front glass. This allows you to add branding to the display. The front glass could be much larger than display size to incorporate it into a larger display panel.

As an example of customisation, we have completed an Internet cafe design which comprises three kiosks mounted into a table top. Three FocalPoints are built in to the top of the table. The whole of the table top comprises a single sheet of glass, covering all three units. We included graphics on the glass to instruct the users on how to browse the Internet.

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